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Bassford Attorneys Selected to Super Lawyers


Bassford Remele is pleased to announce that Lewis Remele is the top vote-getter in the 2019 Minnesota Super Lawyers rankings. This is the fourteenth time Mr. Remele has received this honor. Mark Bradford has been selected to the Minnesota Top 100 list. The Firm is also proud to announce that the following attorneys have been selected to the Minnesota Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists:

Super Lawyers:

1.  J. Scott Andresen
2.  Mark R. Bradford (Top 100)
3.  David E. Camarotto
4.  David M. Dahlmeier
5.  Edward F. Fox
6.  Kevin P. Hickey
7.  Stanford P. Hill
8.  Jeffrey D. Klobucar
9.  Michael A. Klutho
10. Cecilie M. Loidolt
11. Andrew L. Marshall
12. Rebecca Egge Moos
13. Christopher R. Morris
14. Jonathan P. Norrie
15. Stephen O. Plunkett
16. Christian A. Preus
17. Laurel J. Pugh
18. Kelly A. Putney
19. Andrea E. Reisbord
20. Lewis A. Remele, Jr. (Top Vote-Getter)
21. Patrick J. Sauter
22. Alan I. Silver
23. Steven M. Sitek
24. Mark R. Whitmore 
25. Robin Ann Williams

Rising Stars:

1.  Uzodima Franklin Aba-Onu
2.  Aram V. Desteian
3.  Christine E. Hinrichs
4.  Sarah M. Hoffman
5.  Jessica L. Klander
6.  Janine M. Loetscher
7.  Casey D. Marshall
8. Jeffrey R. Mulder
9. Patrick D. Newman
10. Daniel R. Olson
11. Amie E. Penny Sayler
12. Brittany B. Skemp