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Peter Gregory and Cecilie Loidolt to Present at Advanced Reptile Workshop for Trial Lawyers

EVENT - June 13, 2018

Peter Gregory will serve as Program Vice Chair for the 2018 DRI Striking Back Against The Reptile in Medical Malpractice and Long Term Care Cases Seminar on June 13, 2018 in Chicago.

Cecilie Loidolt will present Freeze the Lizard Pt. 2 Effectively Educating the Court on Reptile Theory in Motions in Limine and Pretrial Proceedings to Keep it Out of the Jury Box. This session will present practical tips for preparing and arguing effective motions in limine, including presenting exemplar motions that will be instructive in all jurisdictions.

Ms. Loidolt will also present Key Trial Strategies - Effective Voir Dire, Witness Examination, Opening and Closing Statements, and How to Use the Reptile Theory to Your Advantage at Trial. This session will squarely address Reptile Theory's end-game - convincing the jury to punish medical providers for violating safety rules.

For additional information on this seminar, please contact Peter Gregory at 612.376.1604/ or Cecilie Loidolt at 612.376.1624/