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Alan Silver Quoted in Billboard Magazine in Prince Estate Matter


Alan Silver was recently quoted in Billboard Magazine in Prince Heirs & Primary Wave Spar in Court Over How to Close Out Estate -- The end is near, but the two camps are still stuck on one key issue:

  • "It's been six years," said Alan I. Silver, who represents the three independent heirs. "The heirs have not received any money from this estate. What we're proposing to you is that you sign an order that will allow that to change."

The Court subsequently adopted the position urged by Mr. Silver, which will facilitate final distribution of the estate.

Alan Silver is a litigator with more than four decades of experience representing clients in trust and estate matters. He has been involved in many of the most high-profile trust and estate lawsuits in Minnesota, including litigation involving the Prince Estate, the Hill Trust, the Galloway Trust, the Binger Estate, and the Williams Trust, the family which started the Creamette Pasta Company.

Bassford Remele | February 25, 2022