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Jessica Klander and Patrick Newman Present at National Convention


Jessica Klander and Patrick Newman are presenting at the ACA International's Annual Convention in Chicago.

  • Building on Bankruptcy Basics: Bonding Over the Bankruptcy Code, Thursday, July 27, 2023
  • Jessica Klander and Patrick Newman
    • Automatic stays! Discharge injunctions! Preference payments! Exotic credit reporting codes! Adversary proceedings!
      Compliance quandaries and business considerations abound when it comes to the intersection of the Bankruptcy Code and consumer collection. Please join Bassford Remele shareholders and Consumer Law Defense practice group co-chairs Jessica Klander and Patrick Newman for an hour of excitement and joy unwinding the never-ending riddles presented by chapter 7 and 13 filings. Specific topics will include:
      • So, you’ve received a 341 notice—policies, procedures, and best practices regarding the automatic stay.
      • “Do I just keep reporting the same tradeline codes post-petition?”
      • Can you (should you?) file that proof of claim?
      • “I want to talk to the non-filing co-debtor, maybe even collect from them. That’s cool, right?”
      • “Um, the trustee says I have to cough up a bunch of money I collected. What’s a ‘claw-back,’ exactly?”
      • “So this trustee character has actually sued me in something called an ‘adversary proceeding.’ Should I go ahead and defend that?”
      • Unique defense and settlement considerations for claims lodged during the pendency of bankruptcy (or not disclosed as an asset in the debtor’s schedules)How should you approach collection of a debt scheduled in a bankruptcy case that is later dismissed?
      • Leveraging your policies and procedures to tee up the bona fide error defense as it relates to automatic stay and discharge injunction claims.
    • Come with questions; stay for the company; leave with answers!
  • The Compliance Circuit, Friday, July 28, 2023
  • Jessica Klander
    • Do you want to stay on top of the latest compliance issues affecting the ARM industry and connect with peers to find out how they are dealing with the ever-changing regulatory landscape?
    • If so, this event is for you!
    • The Compliance Circuit offers a unique opportunity to ask questions, learn and share best practices on the hottest compliance topics in a "speed dating" format. You'll rotate between five round-table discussions, each focused on a specific compliance topic and led by a subject matter expert.
    • With only 10 attendees at each table, you'll have ample opportunity to ask questions and network with peers in a small group setting until the whistle blows forcing you to move to the next topic.
      • Compliance Management Systems (CMS): Ask questions about implementing and managing a compliance management system (CMS) in your organization. Discuss the key components of an effective CMS and strategies for maintaining compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Tracking Phone Calls and Call Frequency Limitations Reg F and State Specifics: Ask questions about the rules and regulations around tracking phone calls and frequency limitations under Regulation F and state-specific regulations. Discuss best practices for maintaining compliance in this area. Model Validation Notice (Validation Date/Letter Date/Itemization Date and Consent Under TCPA): Ask questions about the requirements for providing validation notices to consumers, including the specific dates that must be included and the consent required under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Discuss strategies for staying compliant with these requirements. Credit Reporting: Ask questions about the legal and regulatory requirements for reporting credit information to credit bureaus, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other relevant regulations. Discuss best practices for complying with these regulations and mitigating risk. Texting and Emailing: Ask questions about the rules and regulations around texting and emailing consumers, including requirements under the TCPA, CAN-SPAM Act, and other relevant regulations. Discuss strategies for staying compliant with these requirements and utilizing these communication channels effectively. Overall, this event is designed to provide a valuable networking and learning opportunity for ARM industry compliance leaders who want to ask questions, get expert answers, and connect with peers on the latest compliance issues affecting the industry. Don't miss out on this chance to expand your knowledge and make valuable connections!

Contact Jessica Klander or Patrick Newman for more information.

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