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Michael Klutho, Chris Morris, Jessica Klander and Patrick Newman Record Regulation F Videos


Bassford Remele Shareholders Michael Klutho, Christopher Morris, Jessica Klander, and Patrick Newman recorded a series of videos designed to educate creditor-clients on how Regulation F will impact them. These videos are aimed at topics that are most relevant to creditor-clients, including:

  • Call Frequency and Communication Caps
  • Itemization Dates
  • Information Needed in the Validation Notice
  • Texting and Email Consent and Revocation
  • Time-barred Debt Collection
  • The Limited-Content Message
  • Credit Reporting/Debt Parking

Regulation F becomes effective on November 30, 2021. To learn more, contact Michael Klutho, Christopher Morris, Jessica Klander, or Patrick Newman or visit

Bassford Remele | August 9, 2021