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Michael Klutho Helps Amend Accounts Receivable Management Industry Law in Minnesota; Wins Judicial Advocacy Award


Michael Klutho serves on the ACA International Board of Directors and as President of the Great Lakes Credit and Collection Association (GLCCA). On June 26, 2021, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed the Commerce and Energy Omnibus bill into law, which includes several provisions that positively impact the accounts receivable management industry, thanks in large part to the hard work of Michael and one of the Great Lakes Credit and Collection Association’s lobbyists. The bill becomes effective August 1, 2021.

GLCCA’s work on these new laws dates back to 2019, when the Minnesota Department of Commerce (DOC) reached out to Michael Klutho, inviting GLCCA to weigh in on the DOC’s plan to bring debt buyers under its licensing statute and jurisdiction. GLCCA viewed this as an opportunity to help craft some additional industry-helpful amendments which in turn resulted in a successful collaboration with the DOC.

  • Minnesota's licensing statute is now updated in several ways that will facilitate consumer communications during collections.
  • Collection professionals will be allowed to continue providing remote account receivable services, following a successful demonstration during the pandemic that remote debt servicing is a viable option to in-office servicing.

Minnesota Bill Package Passes with ARM Industry Remote Work and Licensing Provisions

For more information, contact Michael Klutho.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Michael Klutho who received the Jonathan Elliot Judicial Advocacy Award at the ACA International annual conference. This Award recognizes an individual attorney of an ACA member in good standing who in the past year has been an outstanding advocate on behalf of the credit and collection industry.

Bassford Remele | July 1, 2021