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Patrick Newman to Present on How Defending FDCPA Lawsuits Has Changed


Patrick Newman, Co-Chair of Bassford’s Consumer Law Defense Practice Group, will appear on's "How Defending FDCPA Lawsuits Has Changed in the No-Standing Era" on Monday, March 20, 2023.

  • No trend has impacted how FDCPA lawsuits are defended more in recent years than the issue of whether a plaintiff has standing to sue in federal court. Cases filed in state court cannot be as easily removed to federal court as they used to be, and defending cases in state or federal court has changed, too. The ultimate impact is on a defendant’s decision to defend a case or settle in the event a lawsuit is filed, and the variables that go into making that determination are different now than they were a few years ago. In this webinar, a panel of industry leaders will discuss those variables and how they see FDCPA cases being defended in today’s no-standing era.

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Patrick Newman is a commercial litigator who defends members of the financial services industry. He regularly represents credit and collection professionals, repossession agents, background screeners, lenders, and fintech companies against consumer-protection lawsuits, including class actions. Patrick serves on the Board of Directors of the Great Lakes Credit and Collection Association and is the MAP State Compliance Chair for Wisconsin.

Bassford Remele proudly serves as local and national counsel for many major corporations and Fortune 500 Companies and is a go-to litigation firm representing local, national, and international clients in state and federal courts across the region.

Bassford Remele | March 15, 2023