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Non-Profit Industry

Non-profit organizations are not invulnerable to legal troubles. We’ve represented a wide range of non-profits, including schools, hospitals and health care systems, youth groups, churches and other religious entities, trade associations, and housing providers. Cases we’ve handled have run the gamut – from discrimination suits to wrongful death claims, and a non-profit appearing at the Minnesota Supreme Court in a case helping to define good-faith immunity.

In every case, we recognize the sensitive nature of the claims that non-profit organizations can face. Particularly in allegations of sexual misconduct, we are one of just a few area firms with significant experience navigating these matters – and keeping them out of the press. With decades of experience on our side, we can ensure matters are handled quickly, confidentially, and as cost effectively as possible.

Beyond this experience, we have another asset on our side: strong, long-held professional relationships with the legal community and the courts. These connections and relationships play a big part in allowing us to resolve our clients’ claims effectively, efficiently, and to their satisfaction.