Bassford Remele is in the business of meeting legal challenges. Our lawyers practice solely in civil disputes, and with nearly 50 lawyers, Bassford Remele matches the firepower of the largest litigation groups in our region.

Bassford Remele lawyers have a depth of experience in various industry areas including agribusiness, health care, and technology, as well as many others, and have built strong relationships with business leaders across all sectors. Our focused experience in and understanding of business trends and client needs, partnered with our litigation muscle, brings valuable insight to resolving the most complex legal challenges.

Bassford Remele proudly serves as local and national counsel for many major corporations and Fortune 500 Companies and is a go-to litigation firm representing local, national, and international clients in state and federal courts across the region. When businesses seek solutions to their legal challenges—from the conference room to the courtroom—they seek Bassford Remele.