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Student Misconduct

Court cases cost universities and colleges millions of dollars every year. We have built deep knowledge of the intricacies of this area of the law, handling a wide range of student misconduct and other higher-education cases. From Title IX complaints to student discrimination and harassment suits to disciplinary matters involving campus policies, our experience representing universities and colleges across Minnesota helps us bring these issues to a close quickly.

Occasionally, these matters cross over into employment litigation or sexual misconduct disputes — additional areas of the law where we have deep experience and dedicated practice groups to counsel our clients. Whatever the scope, as experienced litigators, we know how to avoid the minefields these cases often present.

Representative Cases

Currently representing two higher-education institutions in Title IX due process litigation.

Currently defending a college against a hazing claim brought by a former student.

Currently representing a college in the investigation of a student who allegedly violated the campus firearm policy by inadvertently discharging a weapon.

Represented a campus ministry, successfully resolving claims related to alleged sexual misconduct of a volunteer.

Represented a college, obtaining a favorable resolution of a Title IX/due process case.