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USPTO Proceedings

Our law firm provides legal services for proceedings before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), guiding clients through the intricacies of patent and trademark disputes with unparalleled proficiency. Whether you are facing a patent infringement issue, a trademark opposition, or a post-grant proceeding, our seasoned attorneys are equipped to navigate the complexities of USPTO processes. We offer comprehensive support for inter partes reviews (IPRs), post-grant reviews (PGRs), and covered business method (CBM) patent reviews, employing strategic approaches to defend your intellectual property rights effectively. Our team is committed to representing inventors, businesses, and innovators, ensuring their patents and trademarks are robustly protected. Through meticulous preparation, in-depth knowledge of USPTO regulations, and persuasive argumentation, we strive to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients, safeguarding their innovations and brand identities against challenges.

In addition to our litigation prowess, our firm excels in managing ex parte reexaminations and trademark cancellation proceedings, offering strategic advice to strengthen your position and mitigate risks. We understand the importance of maintaining the validity and enforceability of your intellectual property assets and work diligently to anticipate and address potential vulnerabilities. Our attorneys are also adept at advising clients on how to avoid future disputes through proactive measures and compliance with USPTO standards. By leveraging our comprehensive understanding of patent and trademark law, along with our experience in USPTO proceedings, we provide clients with the confidence and clarity needed to navigate the patent and trademark landscape. Our goal is to ensure that your intellectual property portfolio not only withstands scrutiny but also continues to drive your business forward, reflecting the true value of your innovations and brand.