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Shareholder Litigation

For the past 30 years, we have been involved in many of Minnesota’s most significant shareholder-related cases. We have represented individual shareholders, non-publicly traded companies, and corporate defendants in cases that have run the gamut—breach of contract issues, wrongful termination allegations, and disputes involving trade secrets and common law rights. We have also served as the Special Litigation Committee, or as legal counsel to such committees, in shareholder dispute litigation.

Shareholder litigation requires specific know-how and experience, from start to finish. We not only provide detailed analysis of financial and accounting records, as well as a wide range of complex corporate agreements, but have a thorough understanding of the intricate statutes and case law that apply to shareholder-related cases. Through our experience and long-standing connections to leading experts in the field, we navigate it all for our clients.

Representative Cases

Represented the chief executive officer, chairman of the board, and minority shareholder in a dispute involving a successful family business.

Represented a minority shareholder, obtaining a favorable resolution in a shareholder dispute against management for allegedly spending money improperly.

Represented a minority owner, obtaining a favorable resolution in a dispute involving deprivation of equity, income, and control.

Represented numerous Special Litigation Committees in conducting investigations involving shareholder derivative actions.

Represented a senior executive, obtaining a decision affirming a $6 million jury verdict in favor of our client in a dispute involving a closely-held corporation. C.J. Duffey Paper Co. v. Reger, 588 N.W.2d 519 (Minn. App. 1999).

Represented a shareholder, obtaining a decision affirming the trial court’s requirement compelling a forced buy-out of her capital interest in the closely-held corporation and awarding attorney fees for the appeal. This was the first Minnesota case to require another shareholder (as opposed to the company) to buy-out the minority shareholder's interest.