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Data Privacy & Cybersecurity

Bassford Remele’s Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team advises financial institutions, law firms, health systems, and companies on regulations involving data privacy and consumer protection laws. In addition, our team works with clients at every stage of the data security process—from establishing and keeping abreast of relevant incident response protocols to responding to and mitigating exposure to data breaches.

Our work has included a variety of privacy breaches, including financial data breaches, HIPAA breaches, the Safeguards Rule, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), state privacy laws, and breaches of confidential client information. Bassford Remele brings a wealth of experience to the table from both sides of a lawsuit, and includes representing financial institutions in class-action cases resulting from data breaches that compromised customer financial information, representing consumers in consumer privacy litigation relating to the unauthorized collection and sale of customers’ private and personal data without their consent.

Law firms and lawyers frequently turn to Bassford Remele for advice and representation arising from data breaches and cybersecurity issues. Bassford Remele also regularly represents health systems from across the state in cybersecurity issues and in privacy matters arising from allegedly improper release of protected health information involving patients. At any given time, the firm will likely be involved in defending several of those cases.

Our experience also involves employees improperly accessing and sharing information about clients, and broader implications related to social media posts disseminated on the internet at-large. We are members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource.